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7英寸, 1024 * 600 , TFT LCD屏幕模块,50PIN

7英寸, 1024 * 600 , TFT LCD屏幕模块,50PIN

SKU: SCT070009-V04
Type: TFT彩屏
Mode: TN
Product No.: SCT070009-V04
Size: 7.0''
Resolution: 1024*600
Outline Dimension: 164.90*100.00*2.80
Active Area: 154.21*85.92
Interface: 24bit RGB
IC: -
Brightness: 300Cd/m2
Touch Screen: No
View Direction: 6 o'clock
Pin No.: 50
Shape: 方形








General Specification

Item Contents Unit
Module size (W´ H´ T) 164.90 * 100.00 * 2.80 mm
Number of dots 1024(RGB)* 600
Active area (W´ H) 154.21*85.92 mm



Display Mode

TFT-LCD Module
Active matrix TFT, Transmissive type
Display Format Graphic 1024(RGB)* 600 Dot-matrix
Input Data 24 bit  RGB interface
Viewing Direction 6 O’clock


Interface Definition

PIN NO. Symbol I/O Description
1~2 A P LED backlight anode
3~4 K P LED backlight cathode
5 GND P Power ground
6 VCOM P Power supply for Vcom drive ouput
7 DVDD P Power voltage
8 MODE I DE/SYNC mode select
9 DE I Input data enable control
10 VSD I Vertical sync input
11 HSD I Horizontal sync input
12~19 B7~B0 I Blue data
20~27 G7~G0 I Green data
28~35 R7~R0 I Red data
36 GND P Power ground
37 DCLK(CLKIN) I Data clock input
38 GND P Power ground
39 SHLP I Source shift direction control
40 UPDN I Gate scan direction control
41 VDDG(VGH) P Power supply for Gate drive ouput High
42 VEEG(VGL) P Power supply for Gate drive ouput Low
43 AVDD P Power supply for analog
44 RSTB I Reset
45 NC No connection
46 VCOM P Power supply for Vcom drive ouput
47 DITH I Dithering function enable control
49 NC No connection
50 NC No connection



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