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4英寸IPS,电阻触摸TFT,480*800分辨率,ST7789V IC ,25PIN

4英寸IPS,电阻触摸TFT,480*800分辨率,ST7789V IC ,25PIN

SCT035017-V01 is a 3.5 inch CTP TFT LCD Display with 320RGB*240 resolution, 3.5 capacitive touch screen built in with HX8238-D IC, and it supports 24bit RGB with Serial Interface, 54 PIN, 6 o’clock view direction

SKU: SCT040001-V02
Type: TFT彩屏
Mode: IPS
Product No.: SCT040001-V02
Size: 4''
Resolution: 480*800
Outline Dimension: 56.94*97.10*1.16
Active Area: 51.84*86.40
Interface: IPC
IC: NT35510
Brightness: 300Cd/m2
Touch Screen: RTP
View Direction: IPS
Pin No.: 25
Shape: 方形






General Specification

Item Nominal Dimension Unit
  Dot Matrix 480 x RGB x 800 Dots
  Module Size ( W×H×T ) 57.40 x 97.20 x 3.55 mm.
  Active Area ( W×H ) 51.84 x 86.40 mm.
  Pixel arrangement RGB Stripe mm.
  Dot Pitch ( W×H ) 0.108 x 0.108 mm.
  Color depth 16M colors
  Interface MIPI DSI
  Driving IC Package COG
  Operating temperature -20 ~70 ºC
  Storage temperature -30~80 ºC
  LCD Type IPS
  LCD Mode Normal Black
  Backlight Type LED x 8 PCS



Interface Definition

Pin No Pin Symbol Type Description
1 LCM_ID 0V LCM ID, have been connected to GND in FPC.
2 GND 0V Ground
3 GND 0V Ground
4 GND 0V Ground
5 RESET H/L Reset signal
6 IOVCC 1.65-3.3V Power supply for logic
7 GND 0V Ground
9 NC These pins are DSI-D0+/- differential data signals if MIPI interface
10 HSSI_D0_P
11 GND 0V Ground
13 NC These pins are DSI-CLK+/- differential clock signals if MIPI interface
15 GND 0V Ground
16 HSSI_D1_N
17 NC These pins are DSI-D1+/- differential data signals if MIPI interface
18 HSSI_D1_P
19 GND 0V Ground
20 NC No used
21 VCI 2.3-4.8V Power supply
22 TE H/L Tearing effect output
23 LEDK LED light, cathode.
24 LEDA LED light, anode
25 GND 0V Ground
Pin No Pin Symbol Level Description
1 YU Touch panel top
2 XL Touch panel left
3 YD Touch panel bottom
4 XR Touch panel right
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