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2.8英寸TFT ,16位MCU接口,ST7789S IC

2.8英寸TFT ,16位MCU接口,ST7789S IC

SCT028002-V03 is a 2.8 inch Resist TFT LCD Display with 240RGB*320 resolution, it built in with ST7789S IC, and it supports 8 bit MCU interface, 37 PIN, Full View direction.

SKU: SCT028002-V03
Type: TFT彩屏
Mode: TN
Product No.: SCT028002-V03
Size: 2.8''
Resolution: 240*320
Outline Dimension: 50.00*69.20*2.50
Active Area: 46.20*64.75
Interface: 16 bit MCU
IC: ST7789S
Brightness: 300Cd/m2
Touch Screen: RTP
View Direction: 12 o'clock
Pin No.: 37
Shape: 方形








General Specification


Item Nominal Dimension Unit
  Dot Matrix 240 x RGB x 320 Dots
  Module Size ( W×H×T ) 50.0 x 69.2 x 2.5 mm.
  Active Area ( W×H ) 43.20 x 57.60 mm.
  Pixel arrangement RGB Stripe mm.
  Dot Pitch ( W×H ) 0.18 x 0.18 mm.
  Color depth 262K(MAX) colors
  Interface 16 bit MCU
  Driving IC Package COG
  Operating temperature -20 ~70 ºC
  Storage temperature -30~80 ºC
  LCD Type a-Si TFT
  LCD Mode TN/Normal White
  Backlight Type LED x 4 PCS


Interface Definition


Pin No Pin Symbol Level Description
1–4 DB1-DB4 H/L Data bus
5 GND 0V Ground
6 VDD 2.4-3.3V Power supply
7 /CS H/L Chip Select signal
8 RS H/L Register select signal. 0:index register; 1: data register
9 /WR H/L Write signal
10 /RD H/L Read signal
11–15 NC
16 LEDA LED light, anode
17 LEDK1 LED light, cathode.
18 LEDK2 LED light, cathode.
19 LEDK3 LED light, cathode.
20 LEDK4 LED light, cathode.
21 NC
22 DB5 H/L Data bus
23-30 DB10-DB17 H/L Data bus
31 /RESET H/L Chip reset signal
32 VDD 2.4-3.3V Power supply
33 VDD 2.4-3.3V Power supply
34 GND 0V Ground
35-37 DB6-DB8 H/L Data bus
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