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1.54” 方形,240 * 240 TFT LCD,ST7789V IC ,4线SPI接口

1.54” 方形,240 * 240 TFT LCD,ST7789V IC ,4线SPI接口

SCT015002-V02是分辨率为240RGB * 240的1.54英寸IPS TFT LCD显示器,内置ST7789V IC,支持4线SPI接口,24 PIN,全视角。

SKU: SCT015002-V02
Type: TFT彩屏
Mode: IPS
Product No.: SCT015002-V02
Size: 1.54"
Resolution: 240*240
Outline Dimension: 31.52*33.72*1.73
Active Area: 27.72*27.72
Interface: 4-line SPI
IC: ST7789V
Brightness: 300Cd/m2
Touch Screen: No
View Direction: IPS
Pin No.: 24
Shape: 方形




tft lcd display drawing






   General Specification


Item Standard value Unit
LCD Size 1.54 inch
Dot Matrix 240(RGB) × 240 pixel
Module Size 31.52 × 33.72 × 1.73 mm
Active Area 27.72 × 27.72 mm
Dot Pitch 0.1155 × 0. 1155 mm
Pixel Configuration R.G.B. Stripe
Color depth 262K
Display Mode Normally Black, Transmissive
Technology Type a-Si
Viewing Direction All
Gray Scale Inversion Direction All
Driver IC ST7789V2
Interface 4-line SPI
LED Numbers 3 LEDs
Weight TBD g






                         Interface Definition


Pin No. Symbol Type Description
1 GND P Ground
2 CS I Chip Select signal
3 DC I Display data/command selection pin in 4-line serial interface
4 SDA I/O Serial data input/output pin
5 SCL I Serial clock pin
6 RESET I Reset signal
7 TE O Tearing effect output pin
8 LEDA P LED driving anode
9 LEDK P LED driving cathode
10 GND P Ground
11 NC No connection
12 NC No connection
13 NC No connection
14 NC No connection
15 GND P Ground
16 VDDI P Power supply for I/O system
17 VCC P Power supply for analog
18 GND P Ground
19 NC No connection
20 NC No connection
21 NC No connection
22 NC No connection
23 NC No connection
24 GND P Ground
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